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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specifications of an ice block?
Ice blocks are made from crystal clear 300lb blocks measuring 40" tall x 20" wide x 10" thick.

How are ice blocks made?
Ice blocks are frozen slowly over four days while the purified water is still moving. When ready, the ice block is harvested, trimmed, boxed and stored at -15° Celsius.

How are Hand-Carved Sculptures made?
These are hand sculptured from one solid piece of ice with chainsaws, chisels and die grinders to create a magical three dimensional show piece.

How are Snow Filled Ice Sculptures made?

Ice blocks or sculptures have snow filled portions which have been carved out then filled with snow to provide a greater visual impact.

How are Color Filled Ice Sculptures made?
These are created similarly to snow filled sculptures, but are filled using a non-bleeding color recipe which doesn't melt as fast as snow or the ice.

Can fire be added to ice sculptures?
Fire can be added to sculptures by adding candles into the design. This adds another dimension to the ice sculpture.

Can color graphics or photographs be inserted into ice sculptures?
Color graphics can be printed on acetate and frozen between two pieces of ice or inserted into the block. This technique is unique because of the transparency effect. Photographs can be laminated prior to encasing in ice to prevent the photos from water damage. Invitations and other paper products can also be inserted using lamination as well.

What else can be inserted into ice sculptures?
Flowers, sea shells, fruit, jewelry, toys, coins and golf galls are just some of the examples of objects that can be frozen in ice. The list is endless, so let your creativity run wild!

Where does the water go when it melts?
The sculpture sits on a drip tray containing a reservoir that collects the water as the sculpture melts. A light fixture can be built into the drip tray and is able to illuminate the ice sculpture from the bottom.

How long does the ice sculpture last?
Most sculptures will hold detail for four to six hours and melts at a rate of approximately 1/4" per hour. This depends on the ice thickness and the temperature of the surroundings. Avoid direct sunlight and drafts to ensure your sculpture lasts as long as possible.

How long in advance do I need to place my order?
One to four months prior to the event is customary. Secure the date of your event with a deposit as soon as possible. Any rush orders that are less than one week before the event may have a surcharge applied.

Do you deliver?
We do deliver and set up ice sculptures in Saskatoon, Regina, and all across Saskatchewan. We ship to Manitoba and Alberta. The fee depends upon the distance to your location from Saskatoon.

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