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Liquor Luges

One of our most popular items is our liqour luges since are a great hit at any party! Almost any ice sculpture design can be made into a drink luge. Weddings, corporate events, birthday parties are all great times for a liquor luge to cool your beverage. Simply pour your drink into the top funnel and watch it spiral down into your glass below. Luges can be personalized with a logo, name, or message.

Royal Canin Medi-Cal Luge Choc la Cure Luge Rawlco Radio Double Luge Freemotion Luge Power Luge Bass Fish Luge Spikot Dispensor Luge Airline Hotels Luge Stuary Olson Dominion Luge Castle Liquor Luge Lemon & Lime Luge Bubble Luge Statue of Liberty Luge Rawlco Radio Luge Abex Award Luge Redhead Equipment Double Luge Robertson Stromberg Pedersene Italian Maple Leaf Luge Martini Luge Martini Luge Rawlco Radio Double Luge Diamond Luge Envirotec Luge Ketle One Vodka Luge Sabex Awards Luge Ouzopalooza Luge Cambridge House Luge Dollar Sign Luge Sask Tourism Luge Martini Luge Abstract Luge Luge Run River Luge SMI Luge Rock 102 Double Luge Rose Luge Tony Romas Luge Brandt Tractor Luge The Rack Triple Luge The Patron Luge Rawlco Radio Luge Sabex Awards Luge Redhead Equipment Triple Luge Elkridge Resort Luge Crop Life Double Luge Cranberry Luge Rawlco Radio Spiral Luge

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